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Benin city is a city and capital of Edo state in Southern Nigeria. It is located approximately 40 kilometers North of the Benin River and 320 kilometers by road East of Lagos. 


Benin city is the centre of Nigeria's rubber industry, and oil production is also a significant industry. 


On 17 February, 1897, Benin city fell to the British. Further West, the Benin Kingdom had resisted attempts by the British to control trade in the territory. It was this that led to the clash between BeninChiefs and the British officials led by acting Consul General Phillips, in which both Phillips and his men were killed. The British returned with a massive military force on 17 February, 1897, the aftermath was the famous Benin massacre, in which Benin city was burnt down and many Benin works of art loothed. The king of Benin, Ovoromwen Nogbaisi was exiled to Calabar, while many Benin Chiefs were found guilty of aggression and were hanged.


Kene is wearing Edo traditional attire for men. His flowing agbada is topped with a short-sleeved loose shirt. He is wearing coral beads around his neck, on the hat and as a bracelet. 

Folu is wearing a traditional attire for women. She is wearing a wrapper and a beaded headpiece called the Okuku. She also wears the beads as a bracelet and necklace.

Edo traditional clothing has lots of color and the Edo/Bini people often use beads as a symbol for royalty and freedom.


Black Soup(Omoebe) 

This is the most popular Edo food, the black soup, locally referred to as Omoebe soup. It is a tasty meal made from a combination of local herbs and spices 


Bini Owo Soup 

Named after Owo, a friendly large town about 70miles North of Benin. It is one of the oldest dishes prepared and eaten by the Edo people 


Omi Ukpoka (Corn Soup) 


Omisagwe (Groundnut Soup) 


Pepper Rice 

One of the consumed meal in Edo. A meal of local rice (not ofada rice), wrapped in green leaves, and extra spicy /peppery tomato-base stew. 


Edo people speak Edo, Etsako, Esan and Owan,  Akoko Edo, Okpameri and Ijaw language.


Igue Festival. This is the most popular festival that is being celebrated in Benin. It is the celebration of the history and culture of the people. The Oba celebrates this festival with the people, and blesses the people and land during the festival. 

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