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Colonization means taking over a particular region and ruling the place by force. It is a political right expected of all citizens being colonized to obey the colonial government either the decisions favor them or not. 


Usually, in a colonial government, citizens and soldiers are forced to take actions against their own wish or desire.


When the First World War began, Nigerian Soldiers were forced to go and fight for the British government against the Germans because Nigeria was being colonized by the British. A lot of Nigerian soldiers fought in Germany forcefully against their wish.


The German colony was also called ‘German East Africa’ which has countries such as Rwanda, Tanzania, etc.




Independence means being free, standing alone. When someone says he/she wants to be independent it means such person wants to be alone. When a country also decides to be on her own, it means they are tired of being ruled by another Government, they want something different for themselves.

Around 1956 up till 1969, there were African countries struggling to be independent and Nigeria was included. They all wanted to be free from colonization either by the British or any Government. It was a tough battle, Nigerians protested whenever they were unhappy with a particular decision.


A popular protest against the British colonial Government was the Aba women’s war which happened in 1929.


There was a census to be conducted for market women in south eastern Nigeria. This means members of that part of Nigeria were to be counted. So the market women believed that the British government wanted to count them so they can get money from either daily or weekly which is known as ‘Tax’. They didn’t like it so they went out to protest against the British government and warrant chiefs. The Warrant chiefs were given the Power over their communities by the British government so that they could rule indirectly through them.


The protest spread to other women’s group in the region and by December 1929, the Umuahia warrant chiefs already gave up their positions forcefully. This said protest made the British government listen to Nigerians after proving to them that Nigerian citizens knew what they wanted.


Forming political parties and demanding rights to hold positions in the colonial government was another way Nigerian Nationalists used in setting Nigeria free.

A political party is a group of people with ideas about what the government is supposed to do to help the country. When a political party is fighting or struggling to set a country free of colonialism, it could also be referred to as Nationalists.




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