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On these pages, you will learn about Nigerian geography. 




Geography is the study of the physical features of a place and the human activities in that place. When we learn about geography we learn about what we find when we look around and why, incuding why some places have a lot of people living there and some places just a few. In geography we also study the natural resources you can find in a place and the human activities that take place there.




Well we could tell you that Nigeria is located at about longitude 3° East and 15° East of the Greenwich Meridien and latitude 4° North and 14 ° North of the equator and if you like reading maps for fun after school, that will probably mean a lot to you. If you are like me and that means nothing, then let's see if we can try and make it make sense.


This is the world with some important lines running through it. You can see the Equator in red cutting it into two like an orange and the Prime Meridien also in red passing through countries like Ghana, Togo, the United Kingdom and Spain. These lines have always helped people find their way around the world:


So now we know where those lines are on the world map, we can describe where you find Nigeria. Nigeria is over there just above the equator and to the right of the Prime Meridien.


Nigeria is on a continent called Africa, see it below in red under here.

​By TUBS [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons


Nigeria has countries surrounding her on three sides and on the fourth (her bottom) she's got the Atlantic Ocean. So who are these neighbour coutries around Nigeria:


- on the east, is the Republic of Benin, (where they speak french by the way);

- on the west, is Cameroon, (where they also speak french by the way) and a little bit of Lake Chad;

- and on top to the north, is Niger republic, (where they speak? - you guessed it, french again).


  • Why do you think all of Nigeria's neighbours speak french?

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