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The traditional homeland of the lgbo people lies in the south-eastern region of Nigeria. Available evidence such as Language diversity and archaeology suggests that the Igbos migrated from Sudan from the ancient city of Meroe in about AD350. It was said that the ancestors followed the sunsets until they encountered River Niger upon which they sailed down to their present location.


Kene is wearing modern Igbo traditional attire for men. He is wearing an Isiagu top (plain coloured material patterned with lion heads embroidered over it) which resembles the African Danshiki and plain trousers at the bottom. He is wearing a traditional title holders hat which is usually red and represents authority, culture and tradition on his head.

Folu is wearing a modern traditional attire for women. She is wearing a beautiful embroidery blouse along with two wrappers tied around her waist with a lovely head gear.


Igbo people have different types of foods which are mainly solid. It can be prepared by pounding or with hot water and eaten with delicious and nutritious soups. 

Kene's favorite food is Pounded Yam and Ofe Owerri (Vegetable soup filled with meat, snail, periwinkles and stockfish )

Folu's favorite food is nkwobi (spicy goat legs cooked and served in rich chilly gravy) 


Igbo people speak Igbo Language



Yam Festivals

The Week of Peace

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