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Hausa people are from the Northern part Nigeria. Prince Bayajidda is the father of the Hausa people.


A long time ago, Bayajidda was a prince in a place called Baghdad. He travelled alot,and one day he went to Daura. Daura is a city in Katsina State. There was a giant snake called Sarki. Sarki had been preventing people from fetching water from the only well in the city. Bayajidda killed Sarki. The Queen of Daura married him as a reward. Bayajidda and the Queen had a son whom they named Bawo. Bawo had six sons who became the founders and rulers of the Hausa States : Biram, Daura, Gobir, Kano, Katsina, Rawo and Zaria.


Kene is wearing traditional Hausa attire for men . He is wearing an Babanriga,which is a large flowing gown ,  Hula on his head which is a colourful embroidered cap .

Folu is wearing traditional attire for women . She is wearing a Jalabiya, which is  a long gown , and a head tie on her head.


Hausa people have different types of foods. These foods usually consist of grains such as rice, millet, and maize which are ground into flour to make different dishes and eaten with delicious soups. 

Kene's favorite food is Tuwo Shinkafa and miyan kubewa ( Ground Rice and Okra soup )

Folu's favorite food is Kilishi (Spicy dried meat).


Hausa people speak Hausa Language

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