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Hausa Proverbs

"Maichi da uwa ba shi kuka 'n soodi. "

Literal Translation: He who eats with his mother will not have to ask for the soodi, for she will give it to him as a matter of course.    

"Girman kai rawanin tsiya"

Meaning: Pride goes before a fall.

"Rua ba su yami banza."    

Literal Translation: Water does not get bitter without a cause.  

Meaning: There is reason for everything. 

 "Idan rua ya zubar, ya ber tulu, ya yi keau."

Literal Translation: Even if the water is spilt, as long as the tulu is not broken, no harm. 

Meaning: Tulu, the jar used for carrying water from the well or stream ; it has a small mouth. Different districts have different patterns. Don’t cry over spilt milk. That can be remedied.

"Gishiri nema (na yi ma) mai'n kadde daria'n rana, randa rua ya zo gishiri ya ji kumia" Litteral Translation: Salt laughs at shea butter while the sun shines, but when the rain comes, it hides its head.    ​

"Woni tsuntsu ya ke gudu rua, awuagwa rua ta ke nema"

Literal Translation: Some birds avoid water. The duck searches for it.    

Meaning: Everyone to his own taste.

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