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The National Youth Service Corps also known as the NYSC was created in 1973  by Gen Yakubu Gowon to get young Nigerians to understand each other more and value the oneness of Nigeria and Nigerians.  The simple idea behind the NYSC was that if young Nigerias lived in different parts of Nigeria from where they were raised they would see the good in their differences and also how much they had in common with Nigerians from other parts of the country.

NYSC makes it possible for young Nigerians to interact with their peers outside their states of origin and also gives them an opportunity to see what it feels like to work outside of their home state.

NYSC is compulsory for all Nigerian graduates. All young Nigerians sign up to this one year NYSC program and need to get their certificate before they can get jobs. While they are on the NYSC program the Federal Government pays them a salary.











People who are taking part in the NYSC are known as Corps Members. They are posted to different locations across the country, preferably different from their normal state of origin.


An orientation period of three weeks is spent in a military boot camp. After this corps members are posted to different work places, schools, companies and other businesses or organisations.


At the end of the year a passing out ceremony is held and all certificates presented to all corps member.




  • Look at a map of Nigeria and pick one state you have never visited, what do you think living there for a year for NYSC might feel like? Can you write a story about it?

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