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The Nigerian Culture Kids are aimed at:


increasing the depth of each child’s knowledge about Nigeria


familiarising each child with Nigeria's geography​

introducing each child to Nigeria’s diverse ethnicities and cultures​


helping each child to understand and be proud of their Nigerian heritage



We believe that :


it is essential for children with Nigerian HERITAGE  to have an easily accessible  source of information about Nigeria.


Nigeria's  complexity and DIVERSITY is her greatest strength and that children should be taught to appreciate the wealth of cultures that make up  our shared Nigerian CULTURE. 


children with Nigerian heritage deserve to know how much they have to be PROUD of and to be equipped with a  life long sense of OWNERSHIP of their Nigerian heritage.


it is important  to inspire the NEXT GENERATION of Nigerians to think critically about their HISTORY and to be bold as they dream about the future of Nigeria in a global context.


by  expanding each child's knowledge of Nigeria we will provide them with a stronger  foundation for their long term CONFIDENCE in themselves.

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